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Drawing on three decades of experience, Kapstone Strategies provides organizations with an integrated approach to problem solving including strategy formation, commercial intelligence, implementation and tailored advice and counsel for company executives.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Kapstone helps organizations to be in the business of doing good. Kapstone’s ESG/CSR approach helps organizations to build trusted long-term relationships with the communities in which they operate, with their employees, partners and public officials. Kapstone’s principal has developed and managed multi-million dollar CSR programs for respected, values-driven companies with the objective of engaging and aligning employees, communities and thought leaders. 

Key areas of service:

  • Strategy Development: Kapstone will help develop, set and update organizational ESG/CSR goals and objectives. ESG/CSR programming will be based on the organization's core values, community needs and employee engagement.  

  • Advocacy and Communications: ESG/CSR programming and objectives can be enhanced with a proactive advocacy program. Advocacy will bolster the organization’s ESG/CSR program by strengthening the brand and generating positive internal and external awareness. 

  • Strategic Partnerships:  Successful CSR programs involve employee engagement and third party partnerships including non-profits, philanthropic entities, and other corporations. Kapstone assists organizations to identify the right partners that match and enhance their brand and values. 

Government and Public Affairs

Kapstone Strategies has developed over 30 years of experience and expertise operating in the public affairs ecosystem at the international, national, state and local levels. Drawing on that diverse background, Kapstone assists organizations to navigate, develop and articulate their interests in the public space.    

Services include but are not limited to: 

  • Intelligence gathering and research

  • Issues monitoring

  • Policy analysis and message development

  • Political counsel

  • Stakeholder relationship building and management 



Articulating your interests and values to your internal and external audiences is as important as the actual interests and values. Kapstone Strategies supports companies to develop a comprehensive communications plan, aligning it with public affairs, government affairs and CSR initiatives.  

Services include but are not limited to: 

  • Strategic Communications counsel

  • Message crafting

  • Crisis communications and rapid response

  • Event planning

  • Issue advocacy support 

  • Brand management

Services: Services
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